An Eternal Summer – before&after (87/365)

Curiosity killed the cat :)
Scenery created using my own stock images of grass/landscape. Sometimes I’ll use the same base image for multiple compositions, but of course I always crop & edit according to the scene I envision. For this particular set up I played with the color balance, and hue & saturation to make the grass look like sand, then I added a base blue sky using the brush tool to actually paint it on. I also played with the perspective (filter > distort > lens correction) to give the horizon a slight curve, blurring the horizon line so as not to have any sharp edges.
Google search ” white sand mountains” – blended with the screen mode in PSCS3 & used to create a distant horizon.
Google search “sand texture” – blended with the screen mode in PSCS3 & used to create leading lines.
Photograph by Brooks Walker – National Geographic –
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2 Responses to “An Eternal Summer – before&after (87/365)”
  1. Jason Nunez says:

    Wow, thanks for the before and after. The end result is amazing!

  2. klbk says:

    This is not english to me. But what I hear is ” i am an aesthetic genius”

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