Quick comparison of the processing:

I’m not even mad that my idea got rained out by a freak storm. There’s nothing more thrilling than a thunderstorm. It hailed!! I took shelter in the arch of a school with a guy that got caught as well. He managed to sneak out during a break but he came back for me with a bag for my camera hahaha! Awesome dude. Thank you, if you’re reading this.

Here’s a quick mock-up of the original idea:

52 weeks


That’s genuine surprise. The water was really cold, hahahah!


It’s not the best stitch job, I still see areas that need improvng. But my computer can’t handle it, haha. The file was over 400 MBs three quarters of the way into editing. Took me 30 minutes just to save the damn thing. Ridunkulous, foh rls.




more to come

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