Okay, so here is the sooc working image:

I originally planned on having a figure out yonder, but decided in favor of a penguin in the foreground instead:


As you can see, I snagged a few sky concepts from mother natures ever famous “Northern Lights” and blended them as I saw fit (alternating btwn: screen, multiply, and soft-light blend modes in PS).

After tweaking the color to my liking I ended up with this:

First of all, here are all the elements:


I may have used some other textures from Les Brumes, on flickr, to lighten the image, but those two were the most prominent. (I used soft light & screen modes to blend the textures.)


To achieve the colors, I created multiple layers with different multi-color variations and masked where I saw fit. These colors can also be achieved through cross processing, either in ACR or with filters. The textures also aided quite a bit in intensifying the vibrance of the colors.

That’s all for now!

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