My friend, Jason, and I worked on this together. I spotted this neat location on my way to Bowmanville to shoot a wedding and was so excited to get to use it before winter hit. I bought the dress at a vintage store on Queen street. My boyfriend Mitchy was the one who spotted the dress and helped me pay for it. I wasn’t expecting to get a chance to use it before Spring but I made some sketches of what I wanted it to look like.

It was such a mission to actually get to this spot. Jason was terrified we’d have an angry Mr. Gibson type farmer attempt to shoot us off his farm like last time but we met a nice man named Jim who told us he hops the fence all the time in the summer to walk his dog. So after hearing that we were off. Just for the record, I would’ve gone even if Jim didn’t calm Jason’s nerves. We jumped two fences, trekked through alot of mud, jumped over two streams (“jumped” or fell, whatever) and got shocked by a few electric fences. And we did it two days in a row. And both days I forgot the damn book I was supposed to be reading by that tree haha! Too many things to remember.

Anyhow, that’s my story. I still have alot of pictures to go through. Lots with cows. Oh right, forgot to mention I did this all to get to the cows. Apparently someone lets their cows loose on whosever property we were trespassing on so that they can graze every summer. Aren’t we Canadians nice?

Quick comparison of the processing:

52 weeks


I thought I had such a brilliant idea, but it started to fall apart in the actual execution process.

I’m going to try again when I can really take my time (It was pouring out. I know you can’t tell from the photo =P)

52 weeks


That’s genuine surprise. The water was really cold, hahahah!


It’s not the best stitch job, I still see areas that need improvng. But my computer can’t handle it, haha. The file was over 400 MBs three quarters of the way into editing. Took me 30 minutes just to save the damn thing. Ridunkulous, foh rls.


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